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Calculate the price of your next EPDM roofing project

Input your roof size and RoofBot will automatically generate a quote with recommended products & prices

Step 1: Please enter your roof size in either metres or feet and RoofBot will automatically add on 400mm as overhang

Please note: If you wish to cover a roof which is neither a square or rectangle (such as an "L" shape), please calculate your EPDM in multiple parts by separating it into individual rectangles.





Your total area (excluding overhang and upstands): {{ area }}m²

Step 2: Please select your edge and trim type from the selections below

We have a variety of edge trims available, please click on the corresponding corners to choose the edge trim which is most suitable for your specification.

Epdm Calculator
{{ this.measurements.metric.length }}m
{{ this.measurements.metric.width }}m
{{ this.area }}m²
{{ index | capitalise }} : {{ edge(index).name }}
Please select an edge type
Length: {{ edge_length(index) }}m
Upstand: {{ item.upstand }}mm

Please select any additional customisations below

Colour: black
Colour: Anthracite
Color: White
1.14mm EPDM Standard
1.14mm Standard
1.52mm EPDM Standard
1.52mm Premium

Additional Extras

To ensure your quote is as accurate as possible, add any additional extras which are needed for your order. Extra items include Skylights, Horizontal Outlets, Pipe Kits and Rainwater Outlets.


{{ item.length }}m × {{ item.width }}m (upstand: {{ item.upstand }}mm)

Horizontal Outlet
Horizontal Outlet

{{ item.option }}  

Pipe Outlet
Pipe Outlet

{{ item.option }}  

Rainwater Outlet
Rainwater Outlet

{{ item.option }}  

Step 3: Congratulations, your EPDM roofing quote is complete

Save as Quote

What does the RoofBot do?

Meet RoofBot, our easy-to-use flat roofing calculator, which takes the hassle out of getting a flat roofing quote. The calculator takes your roof measurements and automatically generates a full kit of recommended products and a final quote for your roofing project.

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How does RoofBot work?

You can generate your own quote in just 3 easy steps. Simply enter the measurements of the roof you wish to cover - this can be in either metres or feet. (Note: If your roof is a shape other than a square or rectangle, separate it into individual rectangles and calculate each one individually)

Then you select your edge and trim type from the available choices. At this stage, you will be able to customise the trim colour, EPDM thickness and add any extras such as skylights or pipe kits.

Finally, RoofBot will generate a roofing quote tailored to your specific requirements. You will be able to review prices, tweak your quote accordingly and view individual products to learn more. From here you can place your order immediately or save your quote for later. Easy!

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