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Flat Roof Flashings & Seam Tapes

Flashing and Seam Tapes for EPDM Installation and Detailing

Flat Roof Flashings & Seam Tapes

Our range of genuine Firestone EPDM flashing tapes are used to seal & finish corners, or joining EPDM RubberCover seams together. Shop online here at RubbaSeal. EPDM flashing can be on the more expensive side, however the cost is reflective of the quality and its ability to create a weatherproof and watertight seal in any scenario. Our weather tight EPDM flashing is extremely flexible, meaning it can be formed to fit any irregular shapes or surfaces imagineable. Additionally, our tape will not shrink, bridge or delaminate due to the stress or movement within the roofing system.

Choosing the Right EPDM Flashings & Seam Tapes

EPDM flashing tapes are used to seal and finish your roofing corners, as well as joining EPDM RubberCover seams together. Although slightly higher up in the price range, you can be sure that our flashings and seams tape products are of the highest quality which you will see reflected in the price. Our flashings and seam tapes are all fully waterproof and watertight, even in the heaviest of rain. The flexibility of the tapes allows great performance even on the most irregular shaped roofing and surfaces. The extended life span of the tape means that it will not shrink, binge or delaminate under any conditions.

Buying Flashings and Seam Tapes

Knowing which type of flashings or seam tape to purchase can be a confusing process. To simplify your roofing journey, we have provided a fantastic service in which our friendly Roof-bot Roofus can help you choose the perfect materials. Simply put in your roofing measurements and let him do the rest. Alternatively, we provide video tutorials and step-by-step installation guides so you can follow along and create your EPDM roof to a professional standard.

Next Day Delivery

We understand that some projects have a deadline, so to help you stick to your planned schedule, we provide a next day delivery service with all our products. Simply order before the allotted time slot that you can find on our product page, and receive your products the very next day. All our products are delivered safely and in fantastic condition. If there are any abnormalities to this, please contact us as soon as possible.


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Looking for help or advice?

Click on our friendly RoofBot to help you work out what you need for your DIY Firestone RubberCover project, just input your dimensions, answer some simple questions and let RoofBot do the rest. If you still need assistance, don't hesitate to contact us on LiveChat, or 01494 461711.

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