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What Should be in Your EPDM Roofing Kit?

July 30, 2020
What Should be in Your EPDM Roofing Kit?

Whether you are a professional roofer or a dependable DIY expert, you can depend on EPDM. As an extremely useful material, EPDM is known for its superior durability and cost-effectiveness compared to other flat roof materials. It is so successful that it is used on thousands of homes in the UK, with the Firestone brand being a popular choice.

We have put together a handy guide for those that want to improve their flat roof using the Firestone RubberCover EPDM. Our team have been extremely busy during lockdown too, so you might find that things are slightly different around here. In fact, we even have a new team member that can help create your kit for you, welcome RoofBot.

Choose Your EPDM Membrane

Quick and easy to install, our Firestone RubberCover membrane is available in two sizes, 45 inch/1.14mm and 60 inch/1.52mm thick. Mini rolls are also available in several variants. According to Firestone, more than m² of EPDM membrane has been installed across the world, and it is suitable for projects of all shapes and sizes, from your garden shed to a commercial flat roof. But what makes it so special?

EPDM is practically immune to ozone and UV radiation, and it is particularly resistant to cold cracking too. It absorbs UV radiation and converts it to heat, which EPDM is also very resistant to. Due to these factors, regular maintenance is not required, as its durability overcomes a lot of problems that other roofing materials face. This results in a large life cycle too, with EPDM lasting 50 years on average. It’s a long-term investment that definitely pays off.

Adhere Using Firestone Adhesives

With an incredibly easy application process, our Firestone adhesives are exactly what you need for your project. We have a Firestone water-based adhesive for bonding EPDM to a flat timber substrate, as well as a contact adhesive for upstands, masonry and vertical surfaces. (A spray variant is also available, which can be used on bricks and upstands!)

These adhesives ensure that your membrane is bonded properly to the given substrate, We strongly recommend using the correct safety equipment, such as goggles and masks, during its application.

All the Trimmings

RubbaTrim is made from exceptionally durable PVC, which secures the perimeter of your new EPDM roof when it cannot attach to the wall. We have RubbaTrim Edge 2500mm for an edge that does not drain into a gutter. You should also buy RubbaTrim Gutter 2500mm, which allows water to drain properly into gutters. Internal and external corner fittings are needed too, in order to ensure a safe, secure finish where RubbaTrim meets RubbaTrim on the roof.

We take the quality of our recommendations seriously, so our RubbaTrim manufacturer is accredited to the BS EN ISO 9001 (2000) international quality assurance standard. They are constantly monitored during manufacture by a tailored computer system too, which analyses tolerances, colour and finish, to ensure that they are within the standards expected from our customers.

The Right Tools for the Job

No matter your experience, you cannot deny that the right tools make all the difference. From rollers to 7-inch scissors, we have everything you need for your Firestone EPDM roof kit. An installation tool kit is supplied free of charge on orders over £250 + VAT but can also be purchased if required.

All Kitted Out

So, you’ve chosen your membrane, adhesive, trim and tools, but do you know how to fit an EPDM roof? Don’t worry, we can help with this too, We have several installation tutorials for those that are new to EPDM or need additional help. Our team are also here to offer support if needed, Don’t forget our friendly RoofBot is at hand to help with your online quotations/orders. RoofBot can automatically generate a quote with the recommended products and prices, he just needs your roof size to get you started.

We offer a selection of EPDM roofing kits that are ideal for sheds and garden rooms, which makes the perfect summer project. Stay tuned to the Rubbaseal blog for more handy tips and guides from one of the UK’s largest suppliers.

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