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Nick, Preston

"We are in the process of renovating our house and my husband decided that the flat roof extension would not do another wet summer, therefore after a lot of research on the internet found Rubba-Seal, we duly ordered what we needed and spent the next weekend fitting it and by we I mean myself and my husband only. My husband is a bricklayer of 25 years plus and has seen many different flat roof systems in his time but this will be the syste that he will recommend to customers and friends alike."

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EPDM Membrane Roofing – Installation Guide

Check out our video at the bottom of this page. It shows a typical  installation and how to install corners and pipes.

The adhesives are not designed to be used or stored in freezing conditions (or if freezing conditions are due within 24 hours)  as it may affect their performance. A heated room below, or covering over with a tarpaulin  is often sufficient  to prevent the glues from freezing.

 Step 1: Prepare


Once prepared, sweep off any excess sawdust etc and check for sharp edges. 

 Step 2: Position


Position RubbaSeal EPDM onto roof and allow to “relax” for approximately 20 minutes

Step 3: Apply


Fold one half of the roof back and roller apply water based adhesive (WBA) directly onto the deck or rubber.

Step 4: Install


Fold over and then repeat procedure on the other half. Sweep out any air bubbles with a soft broom.

Step 5: Upstand


Use contact adhesive (CA) to stick membrane
to vertical upstand

Step 6: Edges


Nail in edge trims for a really professional finish

Step 7: Cup of Tea

Cup of Tea

Go inside, have a cup of tea and decide how to spend the money you have just saved by installing your own roof! 
install video